Program Preparation

So, you got a program date… now what?

A question that we get a lot, in various forms, is “how does this process work, anyway?”

Most know it is a lengthy and involved process, and likely have some anxiety about what this ‘career assessment’ could mean for them. Rest assured, its not meant to be something that adds stress to your life, but rather a time of reflection and discovery. Our counselors have been in ministry and have worked with a lot of people in your same situation, and genuinely want to help you to find direction for your call.

That said, there is still a LOT to do to prepare for the program!

When someone asks what are the next steps, we often like to break it down into ‘bite-size’ pieces. First you will have to download the packet of materials from the website for your program track.  Then, you can start on the “3-step process”

3-Step Process

1. Complete the Application form (document #1) and send it and your deposit of $450 (for most programs) no later than one month before your program.

2. Complete documents #2-12. You can return them by email, mail, or fax. Send these back no later than two weeks prior to your program.

3. Complete the 4 online inventories. You will receive the links and passwords for access to these after we confirm receipt of all documents. The online inventories are due one week prior to your program.


And of course, if you still have any lingering questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email directly. We are happy to answer any questions. Good luck, we hope this preparation allows you some time for reflection and dreaming!