Do you have unanswered questions about the direction of your career?

Are you looking for:

  • Greater meaning in your life or work or a more rewarding career?
  • An identification of your strengths or your goals for your future?
  • The right organizational culture that connects with your motivating values?

Career and life planning is a process designed to help you shape the direction of your life and career in light of your unique potential and capabilities. It can facilitate your maintaining perspective when faced with a major transition or discernment.

Career Programs for Clergy, Aspirants, and Candidates

Programs at the Center for Career Development and Ministry will help you:

  • Identify – your abilities, strengths and skills and the ways you have used them in the past.
  • Discern – your major values, interests and sources of personal meaning and reward.
  • Integrate – your abilities and personal characteristics into a clearer understanding of yourself as you are.
  • Clarify – more effective ways for you to work in your present job or a different field or setting.
  • Develop – short and long-range career goals as well as personal goals.
  • Plan – an effective strategy for finding the right work in the best place for you.

We have a two-day Aspirants and Candidates program, as well as a range of career programs clergy members (click on any topic to learn more):

Career counseling can help you gain a renewed sense of purpose and enable you to find greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

We also provide Coaching Session(s) as well as assist with Sabbatical planning:

On any given day you’re discussing anything from salaries and budgets, to volunteer opportunities to church maintenance, to childcare plans, and still finding time to minister to your congregation.  Doing all this, as the main person in a church, is no easy feat.  
With one of our coaching packages, we pair you with a dynamic and insightful coach who provides roadside assistance and GPS navigation-like guidance to help get you where you want to be.  Our coaches bring years of ministry experience to the table, complete with extensive training, and are ready to be in your corner.
Whether you want to be more of a leader, develop new skills, or try different ministerial strategies, our coaches can help you achieve your goals and sustain your ministry.
Sabbatical Planning:
Take a Breath:  Sabbatical Planning
Research shows that clergy who take intentional sabbaticals last longer in their ministries.  A sabbatical is a critical time for leaders to process pray, and pause, And when you approach your sabbatical with thoughtfulness and care, the time away from church can serve you (and your church!) for years to come.   We can help you set goals and find direction for a dynamic sabbatical experience.

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