Nehemiah Leadership Network

The Nehemiah Leadership Network was founded in 2002 as a ministry of American Baptist Churches USA partners. NLN was created as a highly cooperative effort to help equip the best pastors to be more effective change-leaders in and with their congregations.

threePastorsSince 2005 NLN has graduated over 100 pastors, many of whom credit the NLN experience for enriching and empowering their pastoral ministry.

A Covenantal Partnership between pastors, congregations, regions, the American Baptist Home Mission Societies and MMBB, Nehemiah Leadership graduates earn continuing education credits, and are certified by the Office of the General Secretary ABCUSA as having achieved a mark of pastoral excellence.

A visit to The Center for Career Development and Ministry allows participants in this program to develop an individualized learning plan.

For more information about the Nehemiah Leadership Network, visit their website at

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