For Clergy & Professional Church Leaders

Ministry Coaching

Comprehensive 2-day program

An in depth program with one of our experienced vocational counselors, two days tailored to your specific needs and concerns. This program is designed for you if you are  clergy seeking to refresh, redirect, or change your career path, or if you are challenged by low to moderate conflict in your ministry.

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“The most helpful part of the program was coming to the realization that my wife and I can build a new paradigm of making decisions together for the career needs/hopes we presented. We gained courage. The time exploring recent struggles related to career issues/family issues was helpful in anticipating future plans. I left with a feeling that I understand myself better.”

 Transitions Ministry Review

This program is for you if you are seeking to clarify your leadership skills, to participate in a professional maintenance conversation or to assess your ability to meet the leadership demands/needs of your organization.

If you are facing either a normative or unanticipated career transition, or stand at a crossroads of some sort, your program with us would involve assessment, strategic planning and goal-setting.

“I received insights that have made a real difference in how I see and know myself. I wish I’d known some of these things earlier! I also appreciated the counselor’s compassion and pastoral style.”

International Ministries Program

If you are considering serving on the mission field or if you are returning on furlough and want to reflect upon your ministry, we can design a program to meet your needs.

Sojourners Mid-Career Reflection

If you are experiencing some normal developmental issues, such as the empty nest time at home, or an experience of serious illness or vocational issues such as disillusionment at work, or restlessness, Sojourners can help you build upon your original career direction with further career reflection and re-visioning.  Consider this program important professional maintenance as well as savvy life planning!   CEUs are available on request.

Take a Breath:  Sabbatical Planning

Research shows that clergy who take intentional sabbaticals last longer in their ministries.  A sabbatical is a critical time for leaders to process pray, and pause, And when you approach your sabbatical with thoughtfulness and care, the time away from church can serve you (and your church!) for years to come.   We can help you set goals and find direction for a dynamic sabbatical experience.